Marketplace Tools for LBM Traders

Improve communication, promote your products, and reach more buyers.

The Yesler Marketplace provides an online platform for lumber traders to communicate with buyers about their products, promote available loads to buyers, and fulfill buyer requests for quotes. Whether you are a lumber wholesaler, broker, or mill, Yesler helps you connect with LBM buyers.

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Benefits of Yesler for Building Materials Traders

With Yesler, you as the trader chat and negotiate purchases directly with lumber buyers. You always know who the buyer is, and your payment, credit, and shipping terms do not change. Yesler makes it easy to communicate with buyers to complete sales, exchange documents, and promote your product availability.

The Fastest Way to Communicate with Lumberyard Buyers

There is no faster, or more efficient way to communicate with your lumberyard buyers than using Yesler. Once you receive a notification for a product quote, you can quickly click through to chat about the details of the request. If you are able to quote immediately, you can do so quickly and easily.

Often times lumber traders on Yesler quote within minutes of receiving the request. If you need to do some research first or don’t have product available, you can quickly let the buyer know through chat messaging or propose an alternative. The speed saves you time and helps you serve the needs of the buyer better than your competition.

Promote Your Products to Existing and New Buyers

Yesler makes it easy for you to list product availability and improve your online presence. You don’t have to provide prices unless you decide to do so, since that information changes quickly, but buyers can easily find that you have available lumber and panels in their area.

Traders can also promote products when they create a Trader Profile. Most traders today use email to send load offers to buyers, and increase the risk of losing a sale due to inbox clutter. This personal profile page lets traders share about themselves, and what products they sell, building trust between new or old buyers.

Build Relationships, Improve Buyer Communication

Building strong relationships with buyers has always been an important part of trading commodity lumber in the LBM industry, and that doesn’t change with Yesler. Yesler is NOT a commodity exchange, it’s a platform for connecting buyers and traders to build relationships and execute transactions.

Yesler provides multiple methods for traders to build ongoing relationships with their buyers. Traders can list their product availability, promote loads to specific buyers, and chat online with buyers regarding their needs. Buyers and traders can directly exchange documents, such as credit applications or product brochures, making it easy to communicate.

Traders can also propose alternatives for requests that cannot be fulfilled precisely as requested. For instance, if a buyer requests a specific tally, traders can propose a different tally that they have available at a better price. Or if a buyer requests one product, the trader can also propose another product that they have readily available and may be of interest to the buyer.

Get More Requests for Quotes

Use Yesler to expand your network of buyers. Buyers make requests for quotes directly through Yesler and will add new traders when they are interested in expanding their network of traders. The best way to be seen by multiple buyers is by uploading Offers and updating them weekly. By being active on Yesler, you can easily expand your buyer cohort. As a trader, you can also promote available loads to new buyers, helping you to gain new relationships that you can nurture through chat confirmations, quick responses, and by posting product availability information.

Marketplace - One Dashboard for All Quotes and Communication

Yesler Marketplace is a single dashboard for communicating with buyers, posting lumber and building materials product availability, and transacting sales of truckloads and railcars of lumber and building material products. There are multiple benefits of using Yesler Marketplace to transact business with your LBM buyers.

Yesler Does Not Sell - We Help You Sell

Yesler is a technology company, not a lumber trader. Your business is trading lumber, panels, and other building materials. Our role is in providing software-based tools to improve the process of selling and buying in the LBM industry.

Whether you are a lumber trader, wholesaler, a manufacturer or mill, a distributor or wholesaler, we help you communicate and transact business with lumberyard buyers. You may offer credit terms to buyers, arrange transportation for lumber products, and provide other services that help buyers. We do none of those things, we just make it easier for you and the buyer to get it done.

You Own the Relationship

With Yesler, you always know who the buyer is that you are working with, and the buyer also knows that they are working with you. We are different from a commodity exchange where the product is presumed to be identical, so there is no need to know the buyer or trader. We know that all products in the LBM industry are not the same and all companies don’t provide the same level of service. The buyers know that too. When you have great products and service, you’ll maintain the competitive advantage when using Yesler.

All Past Quotes, Orders and Conversations in One Dashboard

When you work in Yesler Marketplace, all of your history is stored for easy access. You can find all of your past sales confirmations, the purchase orders from the buyer, and even the entire conversation that you had with the buyer about the load. You also have the ability to find all past quotes where you won the deal as well as those where you didn’t win, helping you to be able to research what is working best for your sales and lumber buyers.

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