An LBM Travel Blog – Part Three

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There is a common theme Austin has alluded to in the first three blogs – tradition. Whether it’s the age of the lumber yard, or a salesman showing pride in their operation by giving a tour, or a mill operator educating the next generation of talent – tradition is big in this industry. 

Tradition is a key component to why I felt compelled to follow, document, and promote Austin’s tour. Technology is often seen as the antithesis of tradition. I disagree! Technology empowers people. They can share their stories, expand their networks, and express their professional self in a profile. Valuable traditions – multi-generation lumber yards, pride in operations, educating the next generation – are empowered by technology. Without technology (this blog) would you know the story of Austin’s road trip? 

Smart technology for LBM enhances reputation, brand, and tradition. The proof is in Yesler. 

Here’s Austin!

It’s been a busy past couple of weeks, full of interesting meetings and lots and lots of driving. We went back to Utah for just a few days before we began the last part of our trip. I have seen, experienced, and learned a lot since I last wrote, so I’ll do my best to update you all here!

The first meeting after my last post was in Brooks, Oregon. A little bit southwest of Portland, Brooks is home to Withers Lumber. I stopped by the headquarters and although the purchaser wasn’t available, I was able to talk with a salesman. He taught me a little bit about the company and showed me around the lumber yard. Withers is a family-owned business that has been around since 1928! They offer a wide range of products and services, so it was really valuable to visit them.

From Brooks we drove south to Eugene, Oregon, home of Goshen Forest Products. At Utah Lumber, we are the exclusive seller for this mill which produces P.E.T. (precision edge trimmed), green Douglas Fir dimensional lumber. I was able to meet Doug, the President, and I got a tour of the mill. It was really special to see the things that we sell in person. This was a very educational visit for me, and their operations and products were super nice!

So far, this whole trip has been one of the best experiences of my life. Not only have I been able to travel this beautiful country and visit jaw-dropping national parks along the way, but I am becoming even closer with my wife and learning about the industry as well! It’s been absolutely amazing.

Our final leg of the journey is taking us to the East Coast. We will be staying with family in Colorado and then heading all the way out to Virginia. First thought, I am installing an air conditioning unit in the roof of our van!

Austin Tillotson
Austin Tillotson of Utah Lumber

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