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Technology Solutions for the LBM Supply Chain

Yesler improves decision making and the flow of information in the lumber and building materials supply chain.

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for LBM Buying and Selling
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Yesler provides a single platform of software tools built specifically for managing and optimizing the buying and selling of lumber and other building materials.
Until now, buyers and sellers have been left to communicate via email and telephone and record information on notepads and in spreadsheets, resulting in a convoluted, inefficient, and costly (in lower profits) process.

Built for LBM Professionals

Yesler is built for LBM executives, buyers, and sellers to improve communication, provide better data, and enable efficient flow of materials through the supply chain.
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Lumberyard Executives

Yesler is essential for lumberyard executives. Built to make buyers lives easier, it’s benefits transcend the role of buyer.
  • Reduce risk of commodity price fluctuations to maximize profit
  • Maximize return on invested capital
  • Gain efficiency to maximize human capital
Best of all, executives gain visibility into historically opaque purchasing operations – planning, executing, and tracking purchases. This improves operational confidence and execution today, and future proofs purchasing, empowering the next generation of data driven, tech forward leaders in LBM.

Lumber Buyers Can:

  • Communicate with multiple sellers simultaneously to negotiate the best deal
  • Track all offers, quotes, and negotiations in one place
  • Have access to their complete history of communications, negotiations, quotes and orders
  • Save time and improve profits

Lumber Sellers Can:

  • Accelerate their ability to respond to buyer inquiries
  • Share available loads and promote them to specific buyers
  • Manage multiple buyer contact lists for emails promoting available products
  • Keep payment, logistics, and terms completely between you and the buyer

Advancing the Digital Future of the LBM Supply Chain

Yesler was formed to bring new technology to the LBM supply chain. The supply chain for lumber and building materials is complex and fragmented, and very little technology has been employed to help buyers and sellers perform their roles more efficiently to save time and increase profit. Until now, technology in LBM has been one-sided, either a buyer’s ERP system or a seller’s digital portal. Yesler changes that, creating a common platform for all buyers and sellers that still places relationships first and makes the supply chain more efficient.

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Yesler: Where We Came From

In 2017, Matt Meyers had spent more than 21 years in the lumber industry in a wide breadth of roles, moving up through product engineering and development, quality assurance, marketing, sales, and eventually resulting in managing sales, marketing, and supply chain for one of the largest LBM manufacturers in the country. With this depth of experience, Matt saw that there were big opportunities to improve the industry’s supply chain, helping all parts of the value chain be better informed, communicate constructively, and become more efficient.

After spending a couple of years thinking and planning, Matt launched Yesler Solutions in 2019, bringing together a team of LBM professionals with software product development and technology startup experts to bring the vision to reality. Read more about Yesler, the origins of our name, and our team in About Us.

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