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Lumber Price Trends for LBM Buyers

I check Yesler Intel at least three times a week to keep tabs on trends in lumber prices and where they are likely to go.

– Buyer at Independent Lumberyard

LBM pricing intelligence based on real data

Yesler Intel gives buyers market intelligence to support making smart buying decisions. Anticipating lumber pricing moves is challenging, especially when prices are affected by rhetoric, speculation, or severe weather. Our research and data show that price is a follower of other trends in the market and that the relationship between supply, demand, and inventory leads to future price moves.

Yesler Intel aggregates the actual lumber marketplace data without the outside noise of rumors and speculation. Using LBM and data science techniques, we track and mine supply signals, demand signals, and inventory status throughout the LBM supply chain and provide Intel data products for our LBM customers.

Market Pricing Pressure Trend

As part of Yesler Intel, we publish a daily market pressure trend using a data-driven algorithm based on Yesler research and data science. Assessing the daily movements in inventory, supply and demand, we generate an indication of whether future pressure is for an increase or a decrease in price and how intense that pressure is. Yesler users login daily to monitor trends and adjust purchasing plans accordingly.



Trend chart shows historical pressure helping you make the best purchases based on actual market data.

Intel participants gain access to additional data

Supply, demand, and inventory data allow buyers to anticipate price trends. Predicting exact prices and timing is impossible, but identifying the factors that foreshadow trends allows buyers to position inventories to benefit from price changes when they occur. As a complement to Yesler Marketplace that improves price discovery and execution, and Groundwork for purchase planning, Intel informs buyers and executives with data to minimize commodity risk and maximize profit. Because reliable real time data is tough to find in this industry, we reserve the detailed data and analysis for those who participate in Yesler and share their data for Intel or as a Groundwork partner.

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