Groundwork, LBM Software for Inventory & Planning

Built for LBM Buyers, Essential for LBM Executives

Never again will we have all of our critical commodity purchasing information in one guy’s head, spreadsheets, and notebooks.

– Multi-location Lumberyard President

How do I replace decades of expertise in my retiring buyer?

There are two parts to this increasingly common problem for lumber yards.

  • First, how do you keep the knowledge from walking out the door?
  • Second, how do I attract new talent into this industry with old tools?

Groundwork creates a systematic approach to buying – a shared strategy among executives and buyers. Implemented before the buyer retires, the nuance of experience can be built into your purchasing algorithms. Implemented when a new buyer starts, historic data plus our insights for deep dive analysis of your history, trends, and our decades of supply chain experience become your guide. And we meet with your buyers weekly to assist in their planning. Attracting new talent requires modern tools. Most college graduates are young, and the majority are women. Hand these new talented individuals a yellow legal pad, a telephone, and an outdated ERP, and you’ll lose them before they start. Hand them intuitive visuals tools like Groundwork for planning, and Marketplace for buying, and you’ll attract and retain the next generation of talent.

Groundwork – Visual Inventory Analysis and Purchase Planning

Yesler Groundwork is powerful LBM software giving buyers the tools to analyze inventory positions over time and plan purchases looking forward. Using historical and current sales trend data, Groundwork provides graphical views into future inventory levels and the purchases required to keep a target level of inventory on-hand.

Groundwork elegantly handles needs unique to lumber and building materials, such as integrated analysis for organizations with multiple ERP systems and analysis of inventory for interchangeable SKUs. Buyers can quickly filter by product families or specific products, by location or a combination of multiple locations, and appropriately handle reload locations.

Executives also use Groundwork to access inventory levels and purchase plans in easy to understand charts, gaining visibility into factors that drive working capital requirements and commodity price risk.

My ERP already does this, right?

We hear that regularly. Our response – let’s share side by side, your ERP and Groundwork. Your ERP was selected for finances, transactions, and recording inventory. Groundwork sits on top of your ERP data and was built for the specific needs of commodity buyers to plan and execute buying. Plus, Groundwork gives executives full visibility into purchase plans, inventory levels, and inventory targets. This visibility pulls back the veil of opaque purchasing and inventory planning inherent to the ERP plus paper and pencil process of many buyers, creating a robust system that builds confidence across the organization.

Groundwork Features for Buyers

LBM-Specific Use Cases for Multi-Yard Operations

These two examples come directly from Yesler Groundwork users applying this LBM software to use cases that are not supported within any existing ERP.

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