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The Software Platform for the LBM Supply Chain

Yesler is the gateway for the LBM supply chain to unlock potential and improve performance by enhancing the communication, the knowledge and information flow, and the efficiency of operation through software. By harnessing the power of software and data, Yesler builds the technology that enables organizations to compete and win.

Most commodity lumber purchased by lumberyards today is transacted using phone calls and emails supported by ERP solutions better suited for point-of-sale and accounting than for commodity buying and supply chain communication.

Before Yesler, there was no unifying technology platform. This leads to multiple problems:

Lost time managing phone calls and scattered emails.

A lack of organizational knowledge, with all expertise in the head of a buyer that will one day take that knowledge into retirement.

Lower profits due to a limited visibility to the full supplier network and lack of competing offers for purchases.

Higher risk than necessary from commodity price fluctuations.

Increased working capital requirements due to overstocking for some SKUs.

The Yesler Solution

The Yesler Marketplace solution addresses the supply chain challenges for buyers and sellers of commodity lumber, panels and other products by saving time, reducing commodity price risk and working capital requirements, and improving communication between trading partners.

The Yesler Platform

Unifying the Information, Communication, & Tasks of LBM Buying and Selling

Save Time

Buying and selling using Yesler saves time. Buyers can seek more competitive quotes in less time. Sellers can see more requests and multi-task to conduct multiple quote negotiations simultaneously. Access to all documents and resources in one place – quotes, purchase orders, sales confirmations, and conversations – puts the information at the fingertips of buyers and sellers for efficient and organized operation. It’s all there and searchable in one place.

Increase Profit

Buyers can request and review multiple competitive quotes faster on Yesler. Buyers can also search offers, see offers tailored to their business, or find new matching sellers on any request. Whether these expanded capabilities lead to new supplier relationships or keep existing relationships on-market, Yesler buyers increase their profits by seeing more of the market, faster, and organized in one dashboard. Sellers can show their loads to more potential buyers. By adding offers to Yesler, using tools to target these offers to specific buyers, or being matched to new buyer requests – sellers can do more, faster. That means finding more deals, closing more sales, and increasing profit.

Expand Your Network

Yesler makes it simpler than ever for buyers and sellers to find each other and establish new relationships. Buyers can easily find suppliers offering the products they need, and sellers can post offers for all buyers and send tailored email offers to specific buyers. Yesler knows your identity and reputation are valuable. Sellers can promote their specific brand, include their logo and identity on offers, and buyers and sellers always know the identity of their trading partner in Yesler.

Future Proof Your Business

By storing all information related to buying or selling lumber in one place, knowledge and experience is kept within the organization. In addition, new people entering the business expect current technology, and antiquated processes make it difficult to hire and retain a talented team. Yesler solves this problem with easy-to-use technology to organize the buying and selling process. Experienced buyers can even set-up daily loads for new buyers to manage, monitor negotiations, and coach new buyers on their interactions. Buyers can take over another team member’s negotiations and relationships where they left off in the event of an absence, travel, or sudden departure – it’s all there in one place for the next buyer!

Minimize Risk and Reduce Working Capital

Market intelligence provided within Yesler helps buyers to be informed about the likelihood of an increase or decrease in commodity prices, allowing for more informed buying and stocking level decisions. This helps to minimize exposure to volatile commodity prices, and also to manage inventory levels in order to reduce working capital requirements.

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LBM Software Products

Yesler Marketplace

Marketplace is the LBM solution for buying and selling commodity lumber and panel products. Communicate with trading partners, expand your network of relationships, and execute transactions efficiently with Marketplace.

Yesler Groundwork

Groundwork provides a graphical user interface for understanding future inventory positions for each SKU and planning purchases to keep optimal inventory levels, ensuring availability without over stocking.

Yesler Intel

Intel provides market intelligence to help buyers be as informed as possible about lumber prices and the likelihood that prices will increase or decrease in the near future.

Ready to See How Yesler Works?