Why Brokers and Wholesalers are Growing Their Presence on Yesler

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Since we launched, brokers and wholesalers have been highly engaged on Yesler. They are entrepreneurial, agile, and opinionated. And they provide a wide array of products sourced in North America and offshore to buyers. As a result, they have influenced features designed specifically for their needs, including features just launched this week!

They will continue influencing how Yesler transforms the LBM supply chain. Here are a few reasons why.

Reason #1 – Our business models are complementary.

We’ve learned that everyone wants to put Yesler into a category. Is Yesler a Broker? Wholesaler? Online exchange? We understand this urge to categorize, but Yesler is none of those things. Simply put – others buy and sell lumber and we build software to help them do it faster, smarter, and keep track of all the transactions and materials.

Here is a table to illustrate the complementary models:


Reason #2 – More than just faster.

Yesler is not just faster, it fundamentally changes the way buyers and sellers use their time. Thirty years ago you may have said: “Why do I need a mobile phone?” Now you connect real time (phone) or asynchronously (text) with multiple people simultaneously. Cutting the cord didn’t just make you faster, it fundamentally changed the way you engage with your spouse, kids, friends and customers.

Yesler creates the same fundamental change. But some still ask: “Why do I need Yesler when I can reach my customers by phone and email.” Here are some examples of how Yesler changes use of time to your advantage.


Reason #3 – Who owns the customer on Yesler? Hint: not us. 

Here’s a common question we get: “How many customers do you have?” People ask because everyone competes to “own” the customer relationship in this industry. But it’s the wrong question for Yesler. We don’t buy or sell lumber to customers, we create software so others can buy or sell better, faster, and smarter with technology.

Manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers often build proprietary digital portals to own “their” customers. But does a lumberyard want a separate portal, username and password for every supplier? Will other manufacturers or wholesalers join a competitor’s portal to make it easy for buyers? Yesler solves this with one platform for buyers and sellers and delivers a huge advantage to Yesler sellers – they can invest their time and money in inventory, customers, and relationships, not IT or building software.

We welcome brokers and wholesalers to continue to lead the way with their customers on Yesler.

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Matt Meyers
Yesler CEO and Founder
Matt’s 26 years of industry and executive experience span engineering, manufacturing, distribution, product development and includes leading Weyerhaeuser’s $3.5 billion sales, marketing, and supply chain for Truss Joist, OSB, Plywood, and Lumber.

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