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2nd Edition: Why Brokers and Wholesalers are Growing Their Presence on Yesler

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Can the Discipline of Sellers Raise the Pricing Floor?
PART II  CAN THE DISCIPLINE OF SELLERS RAISE THE PRICING FLOOR ??‍ Note:  This is Part II of a two part series. If you have not read Part...
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Will Lumber Prices Achieve a "New Normal?"
PART I WILL LUMBER PRICES ACHIEVE A “NEW NORMAL?” ‍ Record lumber prices have led some traders to suggest a “new normal” pricing floor...
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How Can Such High Lumber Prices Fall So Fast?
We all know lumber prices are volatile. But how can prices fall so rapidly — even faster than the historic increase in prices in...
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Is OSB Signaling a Free Fall?
The lumber market tipped its hand. Did you notice? Mill and transportation lead times dropped ahead of price. With short lead times and...
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Want to Spend an Extra $820K on IT This Year?
“Why Software is Eating the World” was written by Marc Andreessen, the creator of the Mosaic Browser and Netscape, way back in 2011. Just...
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