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Trader Storefronts

Lumber markets are unique. So are the people who buy, sell and trade lumber. Yesler Storefronts spotlight the unique value traders create and the products they sell, empowering the humans with technology to win more trades.

Lumber people and their markets

We’ve built strong convictions about traders and markets. 

    • Lumber traders create unique value.
    • Technology must enhance trust, relationships, and presence.
    • Technology will transform LBM. It’s now a matter of how.

We think the “how” is that traders will lead the way and write the rules for the future of digital trading. Conviction is stronger than belief. Our conviction manifests as technology that helps traders win more trades.

Each trader is a mini-marketplace

A buyer calls on a trader, or checks with a few traders, and is loyal to those traders who create unique value for the buyer. Each trader is a mini-marketplace. That’s the reason we created Yesler Storefront. Now, any individual trader at a wholesaler, distributor, or representing a mill can create their own digital storefront on Yesler to:

    • promote their products to their customers and prospects 
    • cultivate their digital reputation, relationships, and trust with their customers
    • use technology as a force multiplier and make more trades.

Storefront is a personal marketplace any trader can easily create and share to keep their current offering in front of customers. It increases the trader’s capacity for outbound prospecting and communications with new and existing customers and simplifies inbound response and quoting, coupling faster response times with clearer communications so traders can make more trades.

A personalized digital channel

When a trader creates a digital experience for their customers on Yesler Storefront, they are steering their customers to their cultivated offering and not a public board with competitors’ loads.

Traders make more trades using Yesler Storefront by satisfying the unique needs of their customers. Traders are: 

    1. more efficient with the top 20% who want a simple, digital experience.
    2. more efficient and effective expanding reach with the other 80%.

Yesler Storefront is a force-multiplier increasing reach and frequency keeping loads in front of  customers. 

Technology to the humans vs dehumanizing with technology 

Over the past 25 years many companies have tried to build technology to dehumanize the trade using digital bulletin boards, bid systems and exchanges. Most of those companies have disappeared, while the people – the traders – keep on trading. 

Yesler empowers the humans – the traders – with the technology to win more traders.

Matt Meyers
Yesler CEO and Founder
Matt’s 26 years of industry and executive experience span engineering, manufacturing, distribution, product development and includes leading Weyerhaeuser’s $3.5 billion sales, marketing, and supply chain for Trus Joist, OSB, Plywood, and Lumber.

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